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Important life events, like weddings, the birth of children and anniversaries deserve to be memorialized in special ways. Calligraphed Epistle creations are far more than the predictable; they house the memories, pictures and keepsakes from your wedding day and life. They are created in the spirit of paying homage to vintage treasures and an alternative to the generic cookie cutter guest book.
Millions of stories. Tell yours. 
"I cannot tell you how happy we both are with it. For our first anniversary, I wanted to write my husband a letter, as paper is the traditional gift. For us, that will not stop with the first anniversary. Every year I will write my husband a letter, and they will be bound in this beautiful book! Kudos to the Calligraphed Epistle and Heather Anne Heitz for making this possible!" -Stacey, 8.30.15

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