The I Do... Wedding Guest Book | Colorful Lattice Stamping Detail
The I Do... Wedding Guest Book | Colorful Lattice Stamping Detail
art altered inside guestbook cover
wedding guest book laying flat on table
back cover lattice hand painting and stamping on guest book
chartreuse diamond stamped guestbook page
hand painted spine on wedding guestbook
fleur de lis guestbook collage
example calligraphy and picture page in wedding guest book
The I Do... Wedding Guest Book | Colorful Lattice Stamping Detail
pocket details in wedding guest book
envelope pocket detail in wedding guestbook
The I Do... Wedding Guest Book | Colorful Lattice Stamping Detail
spine and front cover on fleur de lis wedding guestbook
fall in love and you fall forever calligraphy in guestbook
inside cover guestbook details
fluer de lis colorful wedding guestbook

The I Do... Wedding Guest Book | Colorful Lattice Stamping Detail


Bride Regret: Not living in the moment of the day... I hear that all too often. The chaos of the day took over and by the end of the day, you are just glad to take your shoes off. You realize you only talked to a handful of guests, you didn't eat...the day was a complete blur. 

With a Calligraphed Epistle wedding guest book, you have a tangible artifact to reminisce over so you don't miss out on the little moments that were so heartwarming and memorable on your wedding day. A special place, a real alternative to a signature guestbook, for your guests to reflect on you as a couple. Trust me. It may not seem like a big deal now, but on your 25th anniversary you will thank me!

Here's how they can help you stand out on your wedding day and preserve your memories:
    1. The album is akin to holding an antique. It is a 'real' living, breathing relic that documents your wedding day.
    2. The book is archival; created with acid free products designed to withstand the ravages of time.
    3. The albums are delivered to you 'designed' and ready to fill. I've done the labor, taking all of the pressure off of you!
    4. The albums are multi-purpose, in that they are made up of multiple 'book chapters': a section for the guest book, for the photo album and a space for posting keepsakes (a scrapbook).
    5. The books are tangible keepsakes to pass on to future generations.

    A truly unique guest book to preserve your memories, trinkets and photographs from your wedding ceremony; this hardback book of sturdy construction features fuchsia and chartreuse green colors and is further embellished with a textured fleur de lis motif on the front cover. The spine has been stamped as well as the back cover. The book can be tied together with a cotton lace ribbon trim with the dimensions of 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 2 3/4".

    Overall Design Features:
    -3 book chapters: photos, guest book, memory scrapbook
    -embellished inside front cover with pocket and rectangular (customized for you) placard with names and wedding date
    -white lace book marker
    -4 envelope pockets sewn into the book
    -136 total pages (front and back)
    -pockets: 13
    -picture pages: 4
    -tags/journal papers: 17
    -archival pages: 8 (16 front and back)

    Book Chapters and Construction:
    This book has been constructed with both guest book and memory scrapbook in mind. There are three main sections: an introduction and photos, a guest book section and a memory book section, concluding with several pages of black archival plain heavy paper to affix mementos or photographs of your choosing.

    • Introduction/Photos: 8 pages (16 pages front and back), 3 decorative photo pages, 2 pocket for slipping in important mementos, 3 featured calligraphy script pages, 1 slip/in page and decorative introductory section to be personalized. This is the perfect place to write a special message to your guests and to showcase additional pictures... Calligraphy inscriptions include:
      • whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same
      • knock and the door will be opened
      • love is what makes the ride worthwhile
    • Guest Book: 40 pages (80 pages front and back), all hand stamped, stained, stamped, natural and heavy weight paper. The 9x6 pages are large enough for multiple signatures or messages of love from your guests...
    • Memory Scrapbook: 12 pages (24 pages front and back), all altered and/or stamped, stained, fold out chalkboard page, 8 black archival pages (16 pages front and back). This section provides a place to hold wedding keepsakes, sprigs of dried flowers, ribbons, invitation, save the date, many options!

    Indulge in your memories...